Change the mouse cursor size in OS X

The original size of the mouse cursors in OS X allows you to view actual positions. But sometimes it is not simple to locate the original size of cursors by each mac user. For instance, if you need to reduce your screen brightness  it might be hard to locate the cursors or optional cursors on the OS X screen. The optional cursor is used to enter the text or do crosshairs action if you lost textures between the images on the screen. When you are using projectors and large-format displays with your OS X device, it is true that the small cursor can not locate everything easily on the screen.

You can get help from the link below:

How to customize mouse for left handed users in Windows 8

Although, you can finally locate your cursor by moving it around on the screen as a reference position. There are  also other options available in OS X to assist you to locate the mouse cursor any conditions. Now the mouse pointer size can be changed with the slider in the Accessibility system preferences.

One usual option for pointer location is mouse-trails, where a tiny footprint of the cursor outline will track it around on the screen. Generally this option is used in the Apple owned Mac OS.  But it does have an option for increasing the cursor bigger to view the entire screen options perfectly every time. To do this,

  • You need to start the Accessibility system preferences on your OS X. It can be made by going to the System Preferences option or pressing the F5 command.
  • Then click on the Preferences button in the panel. In the Accessibility preferences window, click on the Display tab.
  • Then you will get a slider option for adjusting the cursor size.  Here you can enlarge the cursor up to 4x size in the width and height.
  • Even as the maximum size of mouse cursor is possibly too much in most situations.Through increasing the size to between 0.5 and 1 tick marks (about 25 to 50 percent bigger than normal), the cursor will be viewed extremely more clear.

set mousepointer size in os x

If the cursor will be larger, its accuracy will not be changed. The bigger cursor will work on each-pixel basis screen and let you to choose items and move them smoothly like a smaller cursor.

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